Girls 2012s
Sun 31 Mar 2024
Blackburn u12 Whites
Broxburn Athletic Colts
Girls 2012s
L Lord (25')
Blackburn girls u12 v Broxburn girls u12s

Blackburn girls u12 v Broxburn girls u12s

Allan Bogle31 Mar - 18:06
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Blackburn girls u12 v Broxburn girls u12s

Report by Kerry

7 mins- girls all battling hard on the pitch trying to settle into the game
10 mins- Cara getting a decent tackle to win the ball and plays through Summer,
12 mins- Blackburn free kick just outside the box, over the bar
14 mons- excellent defense from Eilidh, clearing a rogue ball.
15 mins- Poppie makes a save from another Blackburn free kick
15 mins- Diving save from Poppie at feet
20 mims- Sophie goes one on one with the goal keeper, shot saved
21 mins- Anna with a great ball to feed Lucy through on the wing. Ball knocked out for a throw in
23 mins- Summer intercepts the Blackburn thrown in and takes a shot. saved by the keeper
25 mins- Corner swung in by Anna and Lucy connects with the ball into the back if the net.
*** GOAL broxburn***
26 mins- Poppie plays out from the back to Hannah who takes the ball passed 2 players and feeds the ball through to Iris on the wing, excellent play
28 mins- brilliant covering the pitch from Kayleigh to stop the attack.
■■■ half time ■■■
33 mins- Kayleigh with a strong clearance
34 mins- Anna takes a shot from just outside the centre circle ,saved by the keeper
35 mins- Kayleigh with another excellent clearance, string defending
37 mins- Olivia chasesthe ball across the pitch to catch it before it goes out, turns and crosses into the box , no one could connect.
38 mins- Hannah intercepts the ball from the pass excellent work, uses her skill to get the ball up the park
38 mjns- Kayleigh with another strong defensive clearance
39 mins- Poppie comes out to take the ball but ball knocked to the side and she doesn't get it, Hannah with the clearance off the line, Poppie back in goal but couldn't get her hands to the shot.
40 mins- *** goal Blackburn ***
41 mins- Sophie stays strong and takes the ball passed 3 players, ball hit out Park by Blackburn defense
43 mins- Kayleigh again staying strong and defending well, making sure the ball is safe
46 mins- Iris takes the free kick into the box, Lucy gets her shot away but saved by the keeper
50 mins- Poppie with a loud shout to claim the ball.
52 mins- Kayleigh goes to ground and keeps the ball at her feet and some how clears the ball out the box
53 mins- Poppie with a brilliant save and recovery of the spilled ball
56 mins- Hannah brilliant on the ball, staying strong and making a great pass

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Sun 31 Mar 2024



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A very tough friendly against a very strong Blackburn team!

Meet time 10:50
Kick off 11:30
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