Girls 2012s
Thu 23 May 2024
Boroughmuir Whites
Broxburn Athletic Colts
Girls 2012s
S Smeaton (34')
Boroughmuir whites v Broxburn

Boroughmuir whites v Broxburn

Allan Bogle23 May - 19:57
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Boroughmuir Whites v Broxburn

Report by Kerry

2 mins - Kayleigh and summer working together in defense to clear the ball.
4 mina- Keeva wins the ball and runs it up the park, passes through to Abby who works hard to keep the ball in play, Boroughmuir knock it out.
5 mins- Hannah knocked down during her defense but worked hard to ensure she clears the ball.
7 mins- Keeva uses her chest to control a high ball and knocks it up and over, Emily controls the ball and makes the pass to Olivia who shoots just over the bar.
8 mins- Anna wins the ball and takes it passed 2 players to switch the ball across the pitch to Summer, she shoots but finds the side netting.
11 mins- Olivia standing strong to hold play up, makes the pass back to Hannah, her shot saved and rebounded. Summer steams it but keeper clears it before she gets to it.
13 mins- Emily with a great challenge to win the ball and plays it over the top for Olivia, unlucky bet to the ball by the Boroughmuir defender, great play
15 mins - Abby stops the ball going out and plays the ball back to Anna, Anna shoots just wide
16 mins- Emily wins the ball from the pass and finds Anna, she runs it into the box, shoots just wide again
18 mins- Emily stopping the Boroughmuir free kick and clears the ball.
19 mins- Abby takes a shot inside the box, diving save from the keeper
22 mins- Kayleigh with a critical clearance out the box
24 mins- Hannah using great footwork to stop the ball going out, fending off 2 players at her heels and finds the pass up the line
27 mins- Hannah and Emily working together to get the ball up the park, finds the pass to Abby but unfortunately she couldn't get the ball under control quick enough to get her shot away.
■■■ half time ■■■
31 mins- Summer attemps to chip the keeper who is sitting out her box.
33 mins- Olivia finds herself clear on goal, strong shot saved by the keeper
34 mims- Emily wins the ball on the wing and plays the ball into the middle to find Summer, This time her chip of the keeper pays off taking full advantage of the keeper on the edge of her box
35 mins- Emily gets the ball and tries to chip the keeper, ball sails just over the bar.
36 mins- Keeva excellent defensive play, strong and fast.
37 mins- Anna, Hannah and Emily great link up play to get the ball up the park, feeds through Olivia, shot cleared by the keeper
38 mins- Kayleigh and Keeva both clearing the ball out the box 2 consecutive attacks on goal
41 mins- Keeva runs forward from defense, tries to shoot but doesn't quite get her foot round the ball
43 mina- Poppie well watched and scoops the ball up from the Boroughmuir attempt on goal.
44 mins- Keeva strong and fast to get to the ball first and knocks it down the park, Abby chases and forces the corner
47 mins- Eilidh makes sure the ball is safe and clears the ball
48 mins- Eilidh wins the ball and passes up the wing to Hannah, she plays the ball onto Olivias feet in the middle just outside the box, shoots just wide.
49 mins- Poppie again reads the game and scoops the ball up.
50 mins- Keeva excellent strong defending
51 mins- Poppie scoops the ball up.
52 mins- Summer and Olivia both working together well to create space and pull defenders out, Olivias shot rebounded out for a corner
53 mins- Emily reads the games well and intercepts the ball from the goal kick, switchs play back to give players times to get up the park
54 mins- Abby runs the ball down the line and forces another corner
55 mins- Hannah plays the ball into the box to Olivia, she shoots and saved by the keeper
56 mims- Emily brings a high ball down, excellent control of the ball and plays it onto Summer, she shoots, saved and revounded out for a corner
57 mins- Hannah tracks back to win the ball, brilliant coverage
58 mins - Poppie saves
58 mins- Keeva recovers from the ball going through her legs to get back and makes sure the ball is cleared
59 mins- Abby passes the ball back to Anna, feeds Emily through, excellent shot saved by the keeper
■■■ Full time ■■■

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Thu 23 May 2024



Meet time



A rescheduled away game.

We have played here once before.... I think its West Hailes Education Centre is the car park.

We have the full astro for the game so parking should be straight forward.

Address: 15 Murrayburn Dr, Edinburgh EH14 2SU

Boroughmuir Whites: Never played them before but they are a very strong team and like to play down the wings. Recently beat Blackburn in a very close game. Should be a good fun game for the girls on a Thursday night
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